The Second Start To An Old Dream

How it began…

My older brother Justin has always been a “partner in crime” during our childhood years, usually getting into some sort of trouble and often times dragging our innocent brother Jordan into the mix.  Justin eventually accomplished a portion of his dream, becoming a professional magician, and Jordan is on his way to reaching the dream career of financial something… *I don’t know exactly what, because it’s all over my head.* But me on the other hand, I’ve always been a bit more… well… clueless.

I sparked up a conversation with Justin, engaging in a little back-and-forth debate about what jobs I may enjoy or thrive in.  We both agreed that although making a career as an author may not be the best route, it would be something that I’d certain enjoy and should consider pursuing.  On top of that I had the remarkable opportunity of meeting with Robert Lewis, a great Christian author.  I’ve always had the worry that I couldn’t succeed in writing a book… but he really opened my eyes.  He made me realize that I’ll never be capable of authoring a book unless I actually start writing a book!






I recently finished the book I’ve been working on, 5-19-2011.

People who were interested in the first draft are reading it, only God knows if it’ll ever be printed….  We’ll see.


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