A Chance To Grow Together

I’d ask how challenging it is for each of you to plan meetings with a big group of friends, but I’m sure I already know the answer to such a question.  Trying to organize several different lives to meet on the same day and at the same time can occasionally seem… impossible.  Although it shouldn’t be the case, it’s often times even harder to get friends together for things such as a Bible study.  What if there was a way to simplify the learning of God’s word as a group, would you embrace it?

Recently I came  to the realization that many social groups (not just my own) have challenges when it comes to scheduling a Bible study, and getting the conversation desired to emerge during the meeting.  What I mean is simple, some people are not quite as honest about their lives because they may not be fully secure within that particular group.  I wanted to find a way to grow in God’s word and my faith with others.  I wanted to eliminate the confusion of planning days to meet, and eliminate the the feeling of judgement on each other because we may have made mistakes in our lives.

I believe this can be accomplished through the website Biblical Stranger.  This website is a “community” blog if you will.  Simply put, it allows people to post about Christ (devotionals, prayers, challenges, anything!) anonymously.  That’s right, no one will know you’ve posted that particular post.  Therefore, this site allows you to read about people’s walk with God and allows us all to grow together as Biblical Strangers.

If you go to the website, there are several pages that explain the entire concept and how you can contribute as a poster or a reader.  There is a Facebook fan page also.  If you are already friends with me (Josh Flom) on Facebook, you can find the necessary log-in information in my information section… or just Facebook message me.

Biblical Stranger is a chance for people to express their thoughts and emotions about Christianity and their faith, and allows them to do so without individuals being capable of judging them for it.  Check out the site and consider contributing!



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Recently graduated from Bethel University with a Relational Communication degree. Currently looking for a job. View all posts by Josh Flom

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