Thrive as a unique individual

Last night when everyone I knew was sleeping, I decided to try and write a blog post on the value of our uniqueness and how we fail to realize how truly different we each are from one another. I went through the process of typing an introduction, feeling it was inadequate and starting other. I’ll admit, that process went on until the 6th or 7th intro. Sad thing is, I decided not to continue after that. You tend to be pretty drained when 4 a.m. hits. The post is back though, one night later I’m coming back to the same topic… just with a different spin.

Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing my very dear and gorgeous friend get married. She has a heart of gold and truly is a unique girl; so unique I never could figure out what her “type” of guy was. Despite my uncertainty, God found another man that was just as remarkable… and unique… as she was. Two people, both created by God, living in such remarkable ways managed to meet each other unexpectedly. It made me realize the beauty of God’s plan and our creation as unique human beings.

take my family as an example

anyone who has met my family knows that we share a great deal of similarities; similar mannerisms, habits, enjoyments, personalities, and whatever else you think we have in common. But we are each so very different. Jordan’s approach in relationships is different than mine. He makes me look like a fool when it comes to numbers or various book knowledge concepts; and lets not even touch on the knowledge he has about physical fitness. Justin knows more about magic than I knew existed, and he masters each trick he decides is necessary to learn; I may know how they’re done, but I couldn’t perform a single one. Janelle has an eye for photography and knows how to make a couples wedding day more memorable than they’d ever imagined through her gifts of photography. Each of my siblings strengths are different, but each of our gifts have grown to compliment each other over the years; and I believe that’s how it works in relationships.


Often times we witness our friends find someone spectacular and it seems like they appeared out of thin air. The best part, when we see them on their wedding day… about to begin their lives together… we realize that we couldn’t imagine them with anyone else but the one standing at the altar next to them. I know without a doubt in my mind that God has some woman out there that is considered just as unique as I am. Perhaps she loves to write, or perhaps she loves to read. Maybe my wife will have a similar passion for communication, or she’ll consider her friends to be like family just as I do. There are a great many maybes, but I know a great certainty. God planned out my creation before my mother existed, he planned out my stunning wife before her mother existed. Someday, people will realize that I couldn’t ever be with anyone else but the girl standing next to me at the altar.

You’ve been blessed with a personality that matches no other person in this world…

You’ve been blessed with a God that has created a spouse that surpasses your wildest dreams, one that will fit into your unique life and you into their unique life.
Celebrate that gift. 



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