A Stormy Minnesota Night

Ever experience darkness so profound that your own hand is unable to be seen by the remarkable human eye? Darkness so profound that your soul feels squeezed into a corner; uncertain of what lies ahead and whether safety is even an option. I walked through my garage with such a feeling, hoping my father hadn’t recently rearranged something that would differ from my memory. Reaching the door, I look out into the street… the feeling of fear and uncertainty couldn’t have left my body any faster. The rain is falling to our earth; the darkness that surrounds me turns to daylight as streaks of light fill the sky, and the beauty of a young silhouette dancing leaps around in the watery street.

A lesson provoked by rain…

The wisdom of an adult, the joy of a child, and a heart built for caring dances free in the rain. Initially I watched because of curiosity, but I soon found myself stuck for the joy that was found. Not joy in the person dancing… but joy in the realization of how much God has given us in even the “ dreariest” of moments. What changed since our childhood that allowed for rain to be such a nuisance? Why have we gone so far down the wrong road while trying to find success in life? We’ve failed to realize that dancing in the rain is a gift, that each and every “negative” has a positive within its bounds.

Later in the night we talked, and I couldn’t resist but find out what the most predominant thought was during this little endeavor. The answer was simple, straight to the point, and far better than I had expected. Jesus. One word that spoke more than a book could ever achieve. I urged further, “how so?” In that brief moment, they explained the power and magnificence of our Savior. How the blackened sky could turn blue as streaks of lightening shatter the sky, only to be followed by a thunder with vibrations so severe we can feel them.

Dance in the rain…

For me, the experience spoke volumes. It took an analogy my grandma used to say and brought it into reality; dance in the rain. No matter the challenges in life, dance. No matter the hardships in life, dance. It doesn’t matter where you’ve gone or what you’ve done, encountering negatives is simply something we must learn to deal with. More importantly, we must learn to run outside… kick off our shoes… and dance in whatever circumstances we’ve been given.
We must dance in the rain…


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