Contradictory Emotions

Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I have a feeling no one would call life simplistic… or a walk in the park. In fact, most of the time we hear about the challenges someone is currently facing versus the bliss and joy that is often experienced within life.

Think about it. When you ask someone “how it’s going,” they typically respond with one of two answers, good or bad. If they say bad, the flood gates will open and out pours an hour of pain and suffering that may not even be that intense. Though, we never seem to hear the good or the happiness… or at least not in the same extensive detail as the negative.

I’m just as guilty as the rest of the world. Today I went out with some friends and the night is finally ending with my eyes closed. Fingers making an oddly peaceful clicking noise against my worn out keys, and attempting to portray an idea or emotion to you, the reader. If you asked me what I thought of my day, the response would be simple. The first half was tiring but amazing, finally finishing off school and making great memories with friends. The second half was long and tiring, seeming to never end. But that’s a lie, the second half of the night was hard but it also had such immense positives. I was making memories with people I hold dear to my heart, one of my best friends became official with a remarkable girl, laughs were shared and smiles never seemed to fade away… despite the joy I experienced, it was the negatives that first came to mind,

We allow the small negatives of our world to rule over ourselves, they become the king; even if they deserve little or no recognition. No ones perfect, believe me I’ll be the first to jump on that grenade. But despite our imperfection and our constant failure, we can succeed in this one small category with such ease. Concentrate on the joy and happiness that our Lord provides on a daily basis, realizing how many blessings emerge within our life. Learn from the negatives, but never allow them to control you. Most of all, remember that within every negative, a positive is always capable of emerging, if you only you allow it too.


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