I Am Who I Am… Why Change That?

Who have you Imagined being?

Have you ever imagined what your world would be like as someone else? Perhaps you have thought of the warm stadium lights on your face as you walk onto the basketball court, ready to show the world what “Kobe Bryant” can do. Maybe you’ve closed your eyes… and when they slowly opened you witnessed a sunset over the city skyline while in the penthouse suite of your own building… Trump Tower. Too abstract of a thought for you? Take my life as an example. What would it be like if I was a professional performer like my older brother Justin? What if I had the intense knowledge and mega-body of my brother Jordan? Or… what if I become a skilled photographer like my sister Janelle? The point is… there are endless possibilities of people I could dream of being, but if you haven’t noticed… I’m not them. God created me as Joshua Maury Flom, and learning to love what I’ve become is far more important than learning to copy another’s life.

A dear friend told me once… “Be yourself and they will love you, I promise!”


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God Created you with a specific purpose

I heard a quote once that roughly stated, be yourself… no one else is suited better. It’s a cheesy and relatively odd quote, but if you think about it nothing more could be more true. God created YOU with a specific intention, and he created ME with specific gifts and specific weaknesses.

My dad sent me an email that relates to this entire post wonderfully. Briefly it says that God created each one of us with gifts and weaknesses, intentionally. God shows us the calling He has for our life, that may often utilize the weaknesses we have in our life. Not to make you fail, but to draw you closer to Christ and depend on him in a much greater way. It’s a part of God’s greater plan and His desire

for us to love Him more.

I am Joshua Maury Flom, I can’t imagine being anything else

When I think about this quote I smile, joy is found in the simplistic formation of letters into words into a sentence. God created me as Joshua Maury Flom… I should embrace the creation of God and be myself. When you find confidence in yourself, others can find confidence in you as well.

Remember: “Be yourself and they will love you, I promise!”



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2 responses to “I Am Who I Am… Why Change That?

  • Lisa Flom

    I love the Joshua Maury Flom that you are!

  • Saleha

    I’ve always… been kind of left out. Out of the loop. I came back to USA from Pakistan and suddenly I was a stranger who didn’t think the Twilight series was all that bad and liked the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber. And I’m proud to say that I still do, but don’t talk about them as much. I don’t know… it’s just very hard for me to fit in. I’ve never enjoyed commenting on how a teacher sucks at teaching or how JB sounds like a girl… I just generally like everyone or anything. But I’m really shy, and don’t talk much. But I like being nice. Is that so bad?

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