The unknown journey… Care for a ride?

Imagine for a moment your past…

In a moment I want you to imagine how your life has unfolded…  How were your childhood years, how did elementary school treat you, was high school and puberty brutal, did college force you to grow up or prolong your childish attitude, were you scared to start your first career, did you marry the girl of your dreams, have your children brought joy in the midst of cloudy days, has your life been all that you hoped for?
Perhaps that’s a lot to think about… but take a moment to think about life, read on after the 10 seconds or 10 minutes needed to reminisce.

My younger years…

When I look back on the memories of my childhood or gaze at the pictures in old photo albums, I have no choice but to laugh at myself.  I went through so many confusing phases, none of which I understand to this day.  I thought being mean to girls was clever to try to get them, my sweats and hoody phase, the horrible “skater” phase of huge shoes and backwards hats, I even had a phase that existed of me playing “Skip-it” from morning to night…


When high school rounded the corner in my life, I had a very small idea of what my identity in this world was… but still mostly clueless on where God was calling me.  School didn’t matter, grades were irrelevant, and the odd social life of my private school was the priority.  Friends in the morning, friends in the afternoon, friends at night.  High school was a four-year hang out with the people I cared about.

Where am I now… Where has life led me…

College, a time of life that can truly be defined as the highlight of my physical existence thus far.  But college is ending, the memories will soon cease to be created.  Twenty-four hour trips to the cabin, climbing around the Stone-Arch Bridge, Caribou escapes, concerts, laughing until you cry in the arms of your “brothers and sisters,” even crying in the arms of your “brothers and sisters,” a world of memories in only 4 brief years.  My room mates were there for me when I heard the news of my Grandma… a moment that still renders me teary eyed.  Ryan, Drew, Jordan and I growing in friendship… growing in brotherhood.  The men I’ve grown close to in college, will carry me through life until I reach the grace… and I them.

Bored yet?  The point is just around the corner, don’t give up on me yet…

An unknown journey to my future... Care for a ride?

Most of my readers are at this point…. college is ending or will end soon.  If your one of the adult readers, then you probably know how scary this moment in life can be.  I’m graduating in a few months, and I have no idea where I’m going.  I’m taking an unknown journey towards my future, care to join me in this adventure?

For months of this year I was worried about my future, where I would end up or how I would get there.  I would look at my past and the memories I’ve had, and I used to consider them just that… memories, nothing more.  There couldn’t be a greater lie in my life! These seemingly pointless events in my past have prepared me for whats to come.  They have set me on course and helped me build up speed for the more challenging aspects still to come.  Do I hate not knowing the future? YES!!  But there is an exhilarating aspect the I’ve come to know and appreciate.  Do you go into a horror movie and know the ending before it begins, do you truly want to know how Bruce Willis is going to kill the bad guys in Die Hard 4 before the movie even starts?  Wow, I couldn’t think of a bigger waste of time than seeing a movie I know the ending to (thanks Justin for ruining Fight Club before I saw it 😛 ).

Life scares me… My future worries me… The questions without answers silence me…
But if my future is anything like the events of my past, God has a remarkable life in store for me.

Look back on the years you’ve lived and smile…
Now imagine how much more you’ll have to smile about in ten years…..


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