Coach Like Wisdom…

I admit it! This post is due to a lesson from a true man of Christ, Coach Johnson of Bethel University.  During my trip to Europe, Coach J. would spend many of the nights for lessons; brief lectures that were emphasized in leadership.  When I first heard this was te plan for a month, I immediately became nervous that these would be deathly boring, perhaps I’d slip into a brief slumber until he finished a rant or two.  But… I was wrong, wow so very wrong.  His words were true and they spoke to the heart.  Without a doubt one of the best speeches he gave was about our God-given gifts, and more specifically, how we are supposed to use them.

We’re one piece in a larger puzzle

Look at the picture overhead for the remainder of this post, and you’ll have a perfect visual for Coach J’s lesson.  he explained to us how we’ve all been given gifts, we are all exceptional individuals within particular areas of life.  Jordan (my brother) is fantastic at math, me on the other hand… well I make a 5 yr old look intelligent in math.  But Jordan may not thrive in the area of papers like perhaps I would.  We are two different people with two different sets of gifts.

But it’s not enough to simply recognize that we each have unique gifts.  Coach taught me that i must love others gifts, praise them and congratulate them for the skills they’ve been given.  But i mustn’t desire them, for God has blessed me  with my own gifts and i’d be taking them for granted if I lust after others abilities.  Not only is it wrong to desire another’s gifts, it’s a waste of the talent God has given me.

I need to remember to wake up in the morning praising God for the abilities I’ve been given… well also praising God for the abilities he has given others.
We are all one piece in a larger puzzle… imagine the beautiful image we’d create if we each work together, putting our pieces together with others.


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4 responses to “Coach Like Wisdom…

  • Matt Himple

    Oh Gosh Josh — I love you man!
    I ALMOST sent this as a tweet:
    “We need to love others for their God given gifts, praise them and congratulate them for the skills they’ve been blessed with.”

    I always enjoy the insight you have, and the unique perspectives you provide and help me understand the Christian faith in a refreshing way. Thank you for posting!

  • Josh Flom

    Thanks matt, I have always appreciated your input and kind words. They certainly mean a lot and don’t go unnoticed. Look forward to catching up with you more soon.

  • Saleha

    Wow your coach sounds like an awesome person 🙂 I love knowing people like that, they’re always so sure of themselves! ❤

    • Josh Flom

      I love you comments Saleha! I appreciate them greatly, and I appreciate your readership as well.
      So much joy is found through the encouraging words of others! thank you!

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