The World Through Another’s “Lens”

When I look at the world I visualize each aspect from a unique point of view, I see things from my own perspective. When you (the reader) look at the world, you see it from another unique view… a view unmatched by anyone else. We each wake up and gaze into our world, we each wake up and look through our own “rose colored lens.”

The idea behind is this is rather simple. We each look at the world from a unique point of view, as if we had our own pair of glasses hat interpreted what we saw. Although this may seem like a rather simplistic statement, and perhaps obvious… I would argue that it’s something we may forget or misunderstand.

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One idea of this concept is illustrated through the way we communicate. Think about it… scholars try to tell us that non-verbal communication is somewhere between 75 and 90% of our communication, a pretty large amount. BUT, how do we account for the thousands of thoughts that run through an individual’s mind, the ones that may not emerge in the verbal or non-verbal communication. We must remember that we cannot judge strictly by what we hear or see… sometimes there’s more language behind the visual and audible aspects of life. So next time when you talk with someone, perhaps try visualizing the world and current situation from their eyes. You wont succeed fully, but at least you’ll be making the effort to understand them in a greater way.

Finally, the true purpose behind this post. Like I said, we all see the world differently. And along with that, we all experience the world differently. Despite this fact, we all manage to look/judge based on our own narrow-minded viewpoints. Look at your friends, your family, even the strangers you pass by. Do you think you understand their life story, probably not (perhaps a little, but never fully). This post was created as I look at the ones I’m surrounded by… I cannot understand the pain of loosing a father, because I haven’t experienced it and I don’t know how it affects that persons view of the world. I’ve never been in a part of significant spiritual warfare, tortured by Satan and genuine evil, and how it could affect a person. I’ve never been… I’ve never been… I’ve never been…

But, what do we do… what do we think… what do we say…

We assume we understand, we assume we know what to do… we assume we’ve experienced the same thing…

Instead, I want to be there for the ones I love, the ones I know, the ones I have yet to know…

Listen to the heartache, listen to the challenges they face. Whether you’ve experienced the challenges or not, you’ll be given them something that is rare.
Genuine concern and a caring heart.




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