Daily Challenges

Imagine for a moment having the ability to explore the world of Europe, engaging with the various cultures within each country.  Imagine the remarkable experiences and memories you’ll have.  But… at the same time, within the world of wonder, there will inevitably be stressful or negative moments within the trip.  Challenges that we must learn to face and conquer on a daily basis.

 This twenty-two day long trip is dedicated to learning the story of Easy Company in WWII, the paratroopers that became hero’s.  There was a historian that told me a rather unique quote that related to the paratrooping challenge of jumping from a speeding plane, “Keep your feet together, and everything will be alright.”  Perhaps you’re wondering how this quote relates to the daily challenges we face, or how it even relates to the paratroopers of WWII.  Well, as always you’ll have to click the read more link to understand my usually strange mindset.

Keep your feet together and everything will be alright, relates to the paratroopers because during your decent to earth you must keep your feet together to avoid breaking any limbs.  It relates to the primary topic, everyday earthy challenges, because it reminds me to “hang tough.” 

Challenges will emerge, their inevitable and yet beneficial.  Each day I need to remind myself to acknowledge the challenge, learn how to deal with the challenge, and learn from the experience of that challenge. 

When you awaken each day remembering to face the challenges of our broken world the same way the paratroopers faced the challenges of deadly battle…
“Keep your feet together and everything will be alright”
Keep your eyes on the Lord, your heart on the positive… and everything will be alright.


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Recently graduated from Bethel University with a Relational Communication degree. Currently looking for a job. View all posts by Josh Flom

One response to “Daily Challenges

  • Scott Flom

    Hi Josh!
    It is fitting that you wrote this on Grandma’s birthday. She would have been 96 years old. But more importantly she would have been so proud of you. You write with her heart and her wisdom. You also write with your Unlce Larry’s pride in our country and what a huge treasure that freedom is.
    We love you son and we are proud of you! Continue to enjoy your trip and your growth in the Lord.
    Love Dad

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