Complications Within Blogging

Content isn’t the challenge, Viewership is…

Most the people reading this will be from the blogging community, usually consisting of users that long for an audience but never find one.  We write what we are passionate for, illustrate the words flowing through our minds… in hopes that others, may find interest in the words appearing on their computer screen.

So most of us write about things we’re passionate for, or things we simply enjoy… no sense writing about something you don’t enjoy.  If writing topics isn’t the problem within the blogging world, what is??  Audience, trying to gain an audience is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) challenge of a blog.  And even if you do obtain an audience member or two, you still have to maintain their viewership.

Currently, I’m not striving to learn about how to build an audience… would I love to have one, yes!  I’m simply expressing one of the challenges I face when writing this blog, the emotions (either high or low) received when I see the viewer count on the dashboard page.

Someday I’ll develop my viewership, someday my blog will be a desired reading source by many.


About Josh Flom

Recently graduated from Bethel University with a Relational Communication degree. Currently looking for a job. View all posts by Josh Flom

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