Stand In Awe

~In Awe of True Magnificence~

It’s odd how everyday we take so many things for granted, things that may seem relatively minor or normal. Take for example the kindness of others, or perhaps the blessings our Lord has given us… but more precisely for this post, the remarkable sunset that occurs each and everyday. It’s recurring, and therefore we take it for granted. But look back to the last time you saw the sunset, or if you’ve never had the privilege… pretend 😛

Now to really understand the point of this post, the point of my current mind-set… you’ll need to imagine this. Dinner is over and darkness is drawing near. As a family you decide to take a walk to see the sunset. You reach the beach, cool sand between the toes… the sand of the powerful ocean hitting the shoreline… the wind whistling past your ears. You sit down with the ones you love, and gaze into the sky… waiting for a miracle to occur. The yellow and blue sky turns an orange haze, and the sun slowly melts into a faded horizon. With an elegance unmatched by any human creation, you sit and ponder God’s marvelous imagination. As the brief moment seems to stretch into eternity, you’re brought to praise God’s remarkable ability. For during a sunset there is not only beauty, but eternal joy absent of sorrow.

Stand In Awe

Now imagine what I’ve said, and don’t take it lightly. Granted, I do enjoy creating elegant imagery through the use of words… that’s not quite the purpose I’ve been striving for within this post.  I wanted to illustrate the emotion I had over Christmas break when I was witnessing the sunset, the idea that a sunset is not only beautiful but also illustrates God’s immense power (a recurring miracle). I know a great amount of our world supports evolution and the crazy concept of big bang theory. But I beg you crazy people, stare into a sunset and TRY to explain that there isn’t creative design by God. Now I’m beginning to ramble, I guess the noise of the airplane I’m currently on while authoring this post is making it challenging to maintain a thought.

If you take anything away from this post I hope greatly that it’s how immense our Lord and Savior is, and how blessed our days are because of God. Give up your hardships to the Lord, and give Him praise for your blessings.


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