Peace and Solitude within a Caffeinated Beverage

~Caffeinated Joy…. Caffeinated Peace~

Joy Within A Cup

How do you put words to the joy and satisfaction that can be obtained through being alone with your music and coffee?  I feel a significant level of peace come over myself when i take the time to separate myself from the noise of our world, a feeling that the world is currently still.  The world is so fast paced, never-ceasing or pausing for even the most crucial of reasons… finding an opportunity to press the pause button on my own life allows for such happiness to emerge.  Imagine for a moment, the ability to take a step back from reality and look at the events of the past and present… truly gaining an opportunity to understand the life we’ve been trying to live… living life with an understanding of who we are.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I don’t think that coffee is the bringer of joy… I do have a few remnants of a brain in my head.  The act of separating yourself from our ever-moving world is where the peace and joy come from.  If i were to take it a step further, I’d say my quiet time with God is much more significant provider of Peace and Joy.

Although i love my personal quiet times with the Lord, or my personal coffee get aways… I wouldn’t ever want to give up the moments spent with a friend at a coffee shop.  I don’t know what it is about the atmosphere, but great conversation will inevitably arise.  Discussion of our lives, the ups and downs, joys and pains, faith and culture…  every topic is fair gain, and most will be entertained at some point in the conversation.  One of the most important aspects of life is learning how to properly develop relationships, learning how to engage with strangers and friends alike.  Conversations that have significant breadth and depth will assist you in the skill needed for developing relationships.  I don’t care who your striving to build a relationship with, the more effectively you can communicate to all types of individuals, the more simplistic developing relationships will be.

Take time for yourself soon, whether it be a quiet time or brief coffee trip with the iPod and journal…  Taking a step away from our hectic culture will benefit you in ways you couldn’t imagine.


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