A Reality… None Of Us Will Ever Know.

Band of Brothers

Think about our culture, the world we live in, the ideas and thoughts we accept as normal.  Now consider the idea of a hero and what our country believes such a trait should entail.  Often we think of the fictional comic books heroes like Superman or Batman, maybe star athletes or the movie stars we see flooding our media, or on a rare occasion maybe even the politicians we’ve elected.  My point is, the idea of hero is lost…  A hero will not stop bullets, defy the laws of gravity, or even wear a cape…  they are the men defending our country… their our fathers and our brothers, a band of brothers.

Band of Brothers: the story of true heroes

This January, I’ve been given the remarkable opportunity of traveling Europe to learn more about the incredible challenges Easy Company overcame during World War II.  So often I’ve gone through live taking moments for granted, failing to realize the immense gifts I’ve been given… especially due to living in the United Sates.  Our country is in the midst of a way, a war that is defending the great freedoms we’ve been given while also bring freedom to others.  The men portrayed in Band of Brothers were doing the same thing, defending our country and others from losing the freedom they cherished so much.

Superman, Kobe Bryant, even Obama… will not bring freedom to a country, or in America’s case maintain it.  Freedom is brought upon through the sacrifices of others, the sacrifices of men and women who felt God’s calling to join the armed forces.  Praise them with your words and actions, honor them through your support.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch Band of Brothers, make time to spend watching this show… you wont regret it, in fact… it’ll change your perception of the armed forces and what they’ve had to endure, for our freedom.


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